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SoCal Pre Apprenticeship

Bridging the gap between public sector, employers, and disadvantaged workers.

SoCal Pre Apprenticeship is designed to prepare individuals to succeed in apprenticeship programs. The process is designed to ensure that individuals gain critical academic skills and receive the combination of industry-based training and classroom instruction needed to guide them through a pathway leading to apprenticeship success.


SoCal Pre Apprenticeship is dedicated to improving the livelihood of its participants.
See what they're saying:

"I really want to thank Ms. Wanda and the SoCal Pre Apprenticeship program for giving me some direction and getting me started on the path to finding a career path. Taking those classes were vital in tuning my time management, communication skills and eventually starting a job that gave me foundational Electrician skills. Just being open to learning something new made me realize I could learn anything and start fresh which has led me into healthcare. Thank you all for what you do."

“This course is excellent. I appreciate the SoCal PreApprenticeship Program and my professors for pouring into me. They are extremely patient and getting to see the instructors in person gives the course a more human feeling. I look forward to seeing this program grow and exceed all expectations.”

Jacob (Cohort 4)

“SoCal PreApprenticeship Program is a good course and it has good teachers and peers as well. I’ve grown in my ability to complete my assignments and turn them in on time. I thank my professors and the SoCal team for how they’ve supported me throughout the program.”

Tyler (Cohort 4)

“Thank you for this program. I learned a lot. The professors explained the lectures very well and made sure we all understood. I have grown in presenting in front of others. I get nervous when I have to do a presentation, but this program has helped me relax and be confident.”

Ana (Cohort 5)

“This was my first adult environment experience and I’m glad to say I’ve enjoyed it. I feel like I’m able to communicate and socialize with other adults even though I am younger than them.

I would recommend this program to others because anybody can complete it and what you earn at the end is worth it. You feel a sense of community and a sense that everyone cares for one another. The professors were great, and everyone was friendly and helpful when help was needed. It’s been a great experience.”

Joseph (Cohort 5)

“This course taught me a lot and I enjoyed being in the classroom atmosphere again. I really appreciate the professors and love the way they taught and encouraged us. They were very patient and understanding. Thank you, SoCal, for everything you do!”

Keyla (Cohort 5)

“I enjoyed the program and would recommend it to others. It is a good investment in oneself. The work and commitment we had to put in prepares us for future commitments. Thank you for having me and giving me this opportunity.”

Matthew (Cohort 5)

“I would definitely recommend this course to others because I really liked the way the instructors took their time to explain the subjects in detail, especially in business math and communications math. I really enjoyed this time with all my classmates. It was a good refresher for me after being out of school for a long time. This was my first time taking a hybrid-online class and I’ve learned many new things. I’m going to be honest, I was scared at first, but now I know how it works and I’m ready to continue with my Medical Billing course. Thank you, Savanna, for all your support. Ms. Wanda, this is a great program. Thank you for giving us a second chance to make things better.”

Maria (Cohort 5)

Our Partners

SoCal Pre Apprenticeship works with apprenticeship organizations, construction companies, nonprofits and other organizations to prepare individuals to succeed in strict apprenticeship's programs. Our partners contribute their time and resources in order to help us make this possible.

San Diego Probation Department  National Black Contractors Association of America  MAAC

What our partners say

"You were such an asset to the success of this event. Thank you!"

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